Simple Press & Wishlist Member Integration Step by Step Guide

Simple Press and Wishlist Member Plugin Integration Step by Step Guide

Guide Description

Simple Press is a plugin that allows you to create a protected members only forum inside your membership site and it also integrates perfectly with Wishlist Member plugin.

The “Simple Press and Wishlist Member Plugin Integration Step by Step Guide” gives you a complete overview of Simple Press to allow you to create a forum inside your membership site quickly and easily.

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Therefore, this guide is not downloadable, but can be accessed through the members’ area right after the purchase.

What the Guide Includes?

  • Why you must add a forum to your membership site
  • How to integrate Simple Press with Wishlist Member plugin
  • How to protect your forums and grant permissions only to certain membership levels
  • Screenshots with the exact stages you need to go through to have your forum up and ready in minutes
  • Important notes regarding Simple Press
  • Most common problems you may encounter when installing Simple Press
  • All the tactics to building a successful forum

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Benefits of Adding a Forum

Simple Press Plugin Download

Integrating Wishlist Member with Simple Press

  • Role Manager Plugin Installation
  • Determine Wishlist Member Settings
  • Determine Simple Press Settings

3 Common Problems with Simple Press

7 Tactics to Building a Successful Forum 


How Can the Guide Help You?

We decided to prepare this guide is because we discovered that there is very little information online on how to integrate Simple Press with Wishlist Member, so our main goal is to save you the learning curve.

Our guide includes all the necessary information you need to get your forum up and ready in literally minutes.

Also, we’ve added some of the most successful tactics to making your forum alive and active. Installing a forum is really the easy part, but making it thrive is the big challenge here.

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