Wishlist Neo Bundle

Empower your membership site and increase your revenues using 3 powerful plugins: Wishlist Members Count, Wishlist Protection Display and Wishlist Protected Content Widget


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Wishlist Neo Bundle includes 3 plugins that will empower your membership site and help you generate more revenues.

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Plugin #1: 

Wishlist Members Count (Worth $19)

Add a “social proof” by displaying different statistic information about your registered members using these simple yet powerful shortcodes:

  • The total number of members in all levels/ in a specific level
  • The total number of active members in all levels/ in a specific level
  • The total number of cancelled members in all levels/ in a specific level

Here is an example of how the social proof looks in one of our websites and what impact it can has on potential customers:


Plugin #2: 

Wishlist Protection Display (Worth $27)

1. Add a “Protection Level” column to your posts’ and pages’ tables, and get an overview of how and if your content is protected without the need to enter each post and page to check if the protection settings are correct.

See screenshot (click on the image to enlarge):


2. Get statistic information about your protection settings including pay-per-post feature to see the “big picture” regarding the ratio of the protected content vs. non-protected content of your membership site.

See screenshot (click on the image to enlarge):


Plugin #3: 

Wishlist Protected Content Widget (Worth $19)

Display a “teaser” widget in your website’s sidebar with posts/ pages from any membership level you choose, so when visitors will click on any of the links inside the widget to see the content, they will be redirected to an error page.

Inside the error page you can sell them your membership more easily, because obviously they were interested enough to click on the link…, and you will increase the registrations to your membership site significantly.

See screenshot of the widget’s back-end:


See screenshot of the widget’s front-end fro one of our websites:


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