Wishlist Membership Notifications

Powerful must-have membership notifications system that will keep your membership renewal rates higher than ever!

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Wishlist Membership Notifications is a powerful automatic notifications system that will increase the renewal rates to your membership site significantly.

Wishlist Membership Notifications allows you to send email notifications to members before and / or after their membership expires and increases their chances of renewing their subscription.

Sending your members notifications to let them know their membership is about to expire or has already expired will increase the chances of members to renew their subscription.

This means that your renewal and retention rates will increase significantly.

Wishlist Membership Notifications official website: http://wishlistmembershipnotifications.com/

Is Wishlist Membership Notification Plugin Relevant for Me?

If you own a membership site with membership level/s with an expiration date then Wishlist Membership Notifications is a MUST-HAVE plugin for you if you want to in order for you to be able to manage a viable profitable business.

You can use the email notifications to alert members that their membership is about to / has expired and:

  • An option to renew their existing membership
  • An option to upgrade to a higher membership level
  • Special incentives such as time-limited discounts
  • Upsell them to other products / plans (for example, if you created an online course, you can send notifications to members who are about to finish the course with offers about complementary products)

And all these notifications will be sent to your members automatically according to their expiration date!

Wishlist Membership Notifications Exclusive Features

  • Send up to 10 email notifications before and / or after the membership expires
  • Choose as many membership levels as you like to send the notifications to
  • Customize the notifications to your needs using WordPress toolbar and special merge codes
  • Send test messages to see a preview of the notification
  • Send the email in HTML / Text format
  • See the exact notifications queue including: Member’s name, Email, Membership Level, Notification Number, Date and Status (Send / Queued)
  • Clear the notifications queue / delete all sent notifications
  • Filter the queue according to members / dates / membership levels / notifications / status / free search
  • Control the number of notification sent per hour
  • Update the Notifications Queue list every hour/ when cron job executes

Wishlist Member vs. Wishlist Membership Notifications

Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin empowers the core Wishlist Member plugin with its exclusive and powerful features.

Here is a complete comparison between Wishlist Member “Expiring Member Notification” feature (In Wishlist Member menu > settings > Email Settings) and Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin.

See Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin screenshots in the Screenshots tab

Wishlist Membership Notifications Manual


Click on each screenshot to enlarge it

General Email Notifications Settings

In the Settings tab you can define the general settings of the email notifications sent:


Notifications Messages Settings

In the Notifications Messages tab you can set up to 10 email notifications and customize them to your needs.

Messages Overview Screenshot:


Editing an Email Notification Message:


Notifications Queue Report

Under the Notifications Queue tab you will be able to see a complete report of the email notifications sent / queued.

There are 3 main statuses:

  • Sent – The email has already been sent
  • Queued (*) – The email is going to be sent today
  • Queued – The email will be sent in the future (according to the date specified)


Pro level is set to expire after 30 days

Scott Williams details:

Registration date > 9/24/14

Expiration date > 10/24/14

Email Notifications for Scott Williams for the Pro Level:


Default Wishlist Member Email Notification Feature

This is the default email notification options as you can find in the Wishlist Member menu > Settings tab > Email Settings.

You can view the complete comparison between Wishlist Member email notifications feature and Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin in the Description tab



Who is the plugin relevant for?

Wishlist Membership Notifications is relevant to any membership site that has an expiration date and that members need to renew their membership.

Does Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin send notifications to existing members, or only to members who registered after the plugin on has been installed?

Once you have activated the Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin and define its settings and messages in the Notifications Queue tab, the expiration notification messages are generated based on the members’ registration date and level expiration date, both for existing members and new ones.

Does Wishlist Membership Notifications work with Mandrill service?

Yes it does. We are using WordPress internal function to send the notifications and we are using it in a way that complies with Mandrill setup (we are using Mandrill on our own website).

Is it safe to send emails from our own server?

There isn’t any problem with sending emails from your own server and you will not get blacklisted by doing so.

The problem that some servers are blacklisted only happen when you send more than 500 emails per hour, which include spam content.

The spam checker of any email provider is different, but because the emails that you send using Wishlist Membership Notifications are different from one another, in most cases, these emails will not be considered as spam.

Why do you charge on a monthly basis for using the plugin?

Wishlist Membership Notifications is evolving all the time and new features are added on a regular basis.

The only way to make this possible is by charging recurring monthly payments that will help us to support future additions of Wishlist Member and WordPress.

Also, if you manage to reserve even only one client using Wishlist Membership Notifications, then the monthly price is a no brainer!

Can Wishlist Membership Notifications work with any membership plugin?

No, Wishlist Membership Notifications is a Wishlist Member dedicated plugin.

Does the plugin have any conflicts with other plugins?

As far as we know, Wishlist Membership Notifications does not conflict with any other plugin. It keeps a very strict code method so the chances that it’s causing any problem are very low. If you have any problems or conflicts, please go over the instructions before contacting support in this link.

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