ClickBank Sales Notifications

Get an Email Notification Whenever you make a sale on ClickBank. Simple Settings and No Coding is Needed

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ClickBank Sales Notifications plugin allows you to get email notifications every time a sale / refund / bill occurs on your ClickBank account!

Get notified in real time instead of having to login to the account time after time to see if you made any sales!

Get notified via email on every sale and make your day happier ­čÖé

It doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate or a vendor, all you need to do is define┬áthe simple settings and forget about having to login to your ClickBank account just to check if any sales have occurred.

When the next sale will be made you will automatically get notified about it using an email that includes all the details regarding the sale.


The Settings tab includes 3 different types of settings you can easily define:

Sender Information

Fill in the email you would like to get the sales notifications to whenever a new sale will occur:

Clickbank Sales Notifications Email Notifications Settings

Clickbank Information

ClickBank Secret Key – Define the ClickBank Secret Key in┬áthe right place and copy it to your ClickBank account. The secret key can be any variation of letters and numbers of your choice.

ClickBank Notification URL – Copy and paste the URL in your ClickBank account

Clickbank Sales Notifications Clicbank Settings

This is the Advanced Tools settings inside ClickBank:

Clickbank Sales Notifications ClicBank Advanced Tools

 Notifications Settings

The Notifications Settings are divided to: Sale, Refund and Re-Bill Notifications.

You can click on each of the shortcodes below the message and add it to the message box.

Sale Notification Settings

Sale Notification Settings

Refund Notification Settings

Refund Notification Settings

Re-Bill Notification Settings

Re-Bill Notification Settings

Email Notification Example

This is an example of an email notification you will be getting when a sale will occur.

You can customize the details using the shortcodes as seen in the message boxes above.

Email Notification Example


Can both ClickBank vendors and ClickBank affiliates use the ClickBank Sales Notifications plugin in order to get sales notifications?

Yes, the settings are the same in both cases.

Can I cancel my subscription if I no longer need to use the plugin?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime, you will no longer be charged and the license for the plugin will expire.

Choose Your License:

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