Wishlist Auto Registration Installation Service

Complete installation and activation service for Wishlist Auto Registration plugin, including:

Wishlist Auto Registration Installation Service

Wishlist Auto Registration is a Wishlist Member dedicated plugin that automates the registration process.

Wishlist Auto Registration does not change the functionality of Wishlist Member in any way.

It simply takes the information that is transferred when the client finishes the payment in the payment gateway and uses it to auto-register members to the membership site, instead of redirecting him to the regular Wishlist Member registration form.

Please Note: Purchasing the installation service does not include Wishlist Auto Registration plugin, so please make sure you also purchase the Core plugin + any of the add-ons if relevant.

This is how the registration process works:

Step #1: The user is redirected to the shopping cart

Step #2: Fills-in the payment form and complete the payment

Step #3: Redirected back to the membership site

Step #4 (Without Wishlist Auto Registration): Without Wishlist Auto Registration the member will need to fill-in the regular Wishlist Member registration form in order to complete the registration to the site.

Step #4 (With Wishlist Auto Registration): This is where Wishlist Auto Registration takes control and this is where the automatic stuff happen:

  • Automatic registration process – It registers the member to the site
  • Automatic login – It logs the member in to the site + redirects him to the “after registration” page
  • Display the login details – It displays the login information in the “after registration” page (using shortcodes) + sends the regular Wishlist Member email with the login details

What the installation service includes?

  • Making sure that the regular Wishlist Member integration with your payment gateway is working correctly (This is also the main reason why Wishlist Auto Registration does not work properly)
  • Installing and activating Wishlist Auto Registration according to the license you purchased is done per website. Just to make it clear 1 Installation = 1 payment gateway, 2 installations = 2 payment gateways & etc.
  • Making a test purchase to make sure everything is working correctly

Important Note: The installation service DOES NOT include using 3rd-party services, for example: Zaxaa.

The installation service includes ONLY direct Wishlist Member integration, for integrating using other 3rd-party services please contact our support team to get an accurate quote.

Why are we offering the installation service?

Wishlist Auto Registration is working on many membership sites for several years now.

After analyzing the support tickets we received in the past year regarding Wishlist Auto Registration plugin, we saw that most common reason for the support tickets were opened was due to the fact that the regular integration of Wishlist Member and the payment gateways was incorrect.

And among those tickets, the most common reason for the integration between Wishlist Member and the payment gateway was incorrect was because the Thank You URL was not the right one.

So we have decided to offer this installation service and save you all the hassle of dealing with the technical stuff and instead, have your membership site up and ready to start receiving payments right away.

Why should I pay for having the plugin installed?

When you purchase Wishlist Auto Registration (or any other plugin from our store), the price includes: The plugin itself, support and updates for one year.

The price does not include installation, however, we do include a detailed manual and demo video for each plugin we release.

Can I get a refund for the installation service?

No. Even if you are approved for a refund on the plugin itself according to the refund policy, the installation service is non-refundable, as it is done by a real person, and the price that you have paid is the developer’s working fee.

Where can I find free instructions on how to install the plugin?

We offer several resources where you can find information on who to install and use Wishlist Auto Registration, including:

Also, here is a link to Wishlist Member video tutorials so you can go over the integration process with your payment gateways and make sure it is working properly:

Does purchasing the installation include a license key for the plugin?

No, you need to purchase the plugin and any of the add-ons (if relevant) separately.

What do I do after I purchase the installation?

After you complete the purchase, please open a support ticket and we will get in touch with you shortly to complete the installation.

Please make sure you purchase Wishlist Auto Registration Core Plugin + any of the add-ons if relevant.

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