Custom Member Expiration for Wishlist Member

Add custom fields to the WordPress User Profile & Setup Expiration Dates for Any Level Members Register to

From $67.00

Member Registration for WishList Member & Elementor

Register new members to your WishList Member Membership site using Elementor Pro built in forms .

From $67.00

Dynamic Visibility for Wishlist Member & Elementor

Display or Hide Elementor Widgets based one Wishlist Member Level/s. Create Custom and Dynamic Members Dashboards.

From $47.00

Dynamic Error Pages for Wishlist Member

Create Dynamic Error Pages with a Sneak Peek to the Protected Content & Maximize Your Registration Rates

From $57.00

The Ultimate Wishlist Member WooCommerce Bundle

The Perfect Wishlist Member-WooCommerce Bundle to Make Your Sales & Revenues Sky Rocket!

From $219.00

Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes

Display / hide content based on registration date, time period & membership level using powerful dynamic shortcodes

From $67.00

Wishlist 1-Click Registration

Register new members / upgrade existing members to any free membership level in ONE click! Supports all Autoresponders

From $67.00

Wishlist First Login Redirection

Redirect new members to a unique page on their first login to the members area

From $47.00

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts

Grant exiting members discounts on products based on the membership level/s they are registered to

From $67.00