MemberMouse 1-Click Registration

Register new members / upgrade existing members to any free MemberMouse membership level in 1-click!

MemberMouse Registration Widget

Add a visible sidebar registration form to your MemberMouse membership site to maximize your registrations

Clickbank Redirection

Manage your sales through several payment gateways but still use Clickbank to secure affiliates’ commissions

ClickBank Sales Notifications

Get an Email Notification Whenever you make a sale on ClickBank. Simple Settings and No Coding is Needed

EDD Downloads Labels

Allows Easy Digital Downloads users to change downloads labels using a simple settings screen

EDD Product Private Notes

Add private notes to your EDD products for future adjustments and revisions

EDD Single Downloads Widget

Add unique widget to to display specific information about each single download automatically

Opening Hours Widget

Notify customers from different time zones if your support is currently open or not automatically

MemberPress WooCommerce Plus

Integrate MemberPress & WooCommerce Quickly & Easily and Maximize Your Sales and Revenues Significantly

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