Member Registration for MemberPress & Elementor Pro

Register new members to your MemberPress Membership site using Elementor Pro's built-in forms

Member Registration for MemberPress & Elementor Pro


Member Registration for MemberPress & Elementor Pro plugin allows you to create beautiful MemberPress registration forms using Elementor Pro.

The form will register the member according to any free membership level/s you choose.

You can use the power of Elementor Pro forms and register members to your membership site, create stunning and eye-ball catching registration forms and increase your registration and conversion rates.

Exclusive Features:

  • Supports Multiple Membership Levels Registration – Define in the form’s settings all the relevant MemberPress membership levels and the member will be added to all of them after he completes the form
  • Automatic Login After Registration – The member will be automatically logged-in to the membership site after he completes the registration form
  • Choose Username Format – Select whether the username will be Email / First name + Last Name / Email Prefix


Here are the steps to adding the MemberPress settings to the Elementor form:

Step #1 – Add a new post / page or click the Edit with Elementor on an existing page

Step #2 – Search for the Form element in the Search Widget field and drag the element to the relevant section and block

Adding a new Elementor Form (Step #2)
Adding a new Elementor Form (Step #2)

Step #3 – Define the content according to your needs, including: Form Fields, Buttons, Actions After Submit etc.

Defining the Form Settings (Step #3)
Defining the Form Settings (Step #3)

Step #4 – Add the “MemberPress – Registration” in the “Actions After Submit” and define the MemberPress registration form, including: Choose the relevant membership level/s, username format and map the form fields

Define MemberPress membership levels (Step #4)
Define MemberPress membership levels (Step #4)

That’s it! Now every time a user will register via the form he will be added to the relevant membership level/s.


  • Latest Version – 1.0.4
    Product Type – WordPress Plugin
  • Requirements – WordPress 5.3.2 and above, MemberPress 1.8.12 above, Elementor Pro 2.10.3 and above
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