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Wishlist Error Page Booster Manual


Wishlist Error Page Booster allows you to create dynamic and targeted error pages based on the protected content your non-members tried to access.

This will allow you to redirect all of your non-members to one error page only, but the content each non-member will be displayed to him according to the protected content they tried to enter.

By creating dynamic error pages that “speak” to each non-member and allow you to increase your conversion rates tremendously.

The content dynamically changes by using simple shortcodes inside the error page as described in the table below.

Exclusive Features:

  • Create dynamic error pages using smart shortcodes – The shortcodes will display non-members a targeted error page with content related to the one they tried to access, including: their status (current membership level), the protected content’s level, the protected content’s title and intro (“teaser”), a link to upgrade to that level and more…
  • The error page’s content changes automatically – Each non-member will see a different error page based on the protected content they tried to access to increase conversions
  • No need to create multiple error pages for different membership levels – The shortcodes will display the relevant content for each user
  • Set priority for content protected in multiple levels – If the content is protected in more than one membership level you can define the priority of the level so the shortcodes will display the content to the membership level with the highest priority. For example: If you have Pro and Premium levels, and you define the Premium level to have a higher priority, then non-members who try to access content protected under both “Pro” and “Premium” levels will be redirected to an error page targeted for the “Premium” level.

The Shortcodes:

This is the dynamic and targeted content you can display to non-members using the shortcodes specified in the below table:




[wlep_redirect_by_level]The shortcode redirects the user to a custom error page based on the requested content level protection.If the requested content is protected by more than one level, the visitor will be redirected to the level with the highest priority.
[wlep_content_protection_levels]The shortcode displays the requested content protection level.
If the requested content is protected by more than one level, all the levels will be displayed separated with a comma.
The shortcode displays the user active protection levels. If the user is registered to more than one level, it will display all the levels
separated with a comma.
Unlike official Wishlist Member [wlm_memberlevel] shortcode, this shortcode will not display levels that are not active.
The shortcode displays the requested protected content title. This shortcode can be used to attract the visitor to upgrade to the relevant level
in order to view the content he wanted.
The shortcode displays an intro of the requested protected content. This shortcode is also a great way to attract the visitor to upgrade.
[wlep_membership_upgrade_link level="Level Name"] Put your text / image here [/wlep_membership_upgrade_link]The shortcode displays an upgrade link to a specific level, defined by the level parameter. If the requested content is not protected
by the specified level, no link will be displayed.
[wlep_membership_upgrade_link highest="yes"] Put your text / image here [/wlep_membership_upgrade_link]The shortcode displays an upgrade link to the highest level priority that the requested content is protected with.
[wlep_content_per_protection_level level="Level Name" only_if_top="yes/no"] Put your content here
The shortcode displays a content box for the level specified by the level parameter based on the requested content protection level
that the visitor tried to view
If the requested content is protected by more than one level - you can set that the content box to be displayed if the specified level
is on top priority (priority is specified in the setting tab). To do so set the parameter only_if_top to ‘yes’.
If the requested content is not protected by the specified level - no content box will be displayed.

Video Tutorials

In this tab you can watch video tutorials, each allows you to accomplish different actions to empower your membership site using Wishlist Error Page Booster:

How to Display Targeted Teaser Content in the Error Page

Using 2 of the different shortcodes of Wishlist Error Page Booster plugin you can attract more visitors to register to your membership site by displaying them “teaser content” that includes pieces of the information they wanted to access, but got blocked and redirected to the error page.


The Shortcodes:

You will find the complete list of shortcodes and explanations inside Wishlist Error Page Booster plugin >> in the Dashboard tab (click to enlarge image):

Wishlist Error Page Booster Shortcodes

Set the Membership Levels’ Priority

In the settings tab you can define the redirection priority for each membership level, so if a member tries to access content that is protected under several membership levels, the content will be displayed to him in the error page will be according to the priority you define, the higher the number, the higher the priority (click to enlarge image):

Set the Membership Levels' Priority

Set the Upgrade Links Priority

Inside the error page you can add an upgrade link (recommended) so the person who lands on the error page will be able to upgrade to their membership level required in order to get access to the specific content he wanted to access (click to enlarge image):

Set the Upgrade Links Priority

Content Box – Levels Priority

The content box shortcode allows you to display non-members with any content you want using a unique shortcode as seen in the screenshot below (click to enlarge image):

Content Box - Levels Priority


When finishing the purchasing process you get:

1. Wishlist Error Page Booster plugin (zip)

2. Wishlist Error Page Booster Manual (pdf)


What are the advantages of using Wishlist Error Page Booster?

There are several main advantages of using the plugin:

  1. You can use one dynamic error page for all your protected content.
  2. The content will be targeted for every visitor according to the content they viewed before being redirected to the error page.
  3. Every visitor will see a teaser of the protected content they tried to access inside the error page to make them want to.

Without the plugin you will need to create a unique error page for each post/ page or create a very general one that will lower your conversion rates.

Why should I invest so much in creating my membership site’s error pages?

When a visitor is redirected to an error page, it usually means that he got interested in specific content on your site, but redirected to the error page since the content is protected.

That is why the error page is the best page to sell him your membership!

If you want to achieve higher registration rates you must turn you error page into a sales letter.

The effect of Wishlist Error Page Booster here is huge, because it teases the visitor, showing him a sneak peek of the same content he tried to access, but telling him that if he wants to view the rest of it, he must register.

How is Wishlist Error Page Booster different than Wishlist Member’s error page feature?

Wishlist Member does have a feature that enables you to redirect visitors to different error pages, however, Wishlist Error Page Booster has completely different features.

These features not only save you time in settings up and defining the error pages to each post/ page, but it creates a 100% customized error page for every visitor, since the error page is based on the protected content every visitor was interested in.

Does the plugin have any conflicts with other plugins?

As far as we know, the plugin does not conflict with any other plugin. Wishlist Protection Display keeps a very strict code method so the chances that it’s causing any problem are very low.

If you have any problems or conflicts, please try to disable the plugin and see if the problem still exists. If it does, please contact our support helpdesk.

Does the plugin integrate with every membership site platform?

No, Wishlist Error Page Booster is a Wishlist Member dedicated plugin.




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