Memberpress WooCommerce Plus – Membership Discounts AddOn

Grant your MemberPress members with unique discounts on WooCommerce Products based on the membership level/s they are registered to


The Membership Discounts AddOn allows you to grant your MemberPress members with unique discounts on WooCommerce Products based on the membership level/s they are registered to.

This means that only customers who are also registered to your membership site will benefit from the discount, while regular customers will pay the regular price.

That way you members will feel special and you will be able to attract more customers to become members.

Please Read:

  • The Membership Discounts Add-On requires also having the Memberpress WooCommerce Plus plugin
  • The Membership Discounts Add-On works only for local memberships, and not for external memberships. In other words, it will NOT work with the External Mermbership Sites Add-Ons Bundle

Exclusive Settings:

  • The Price Changes Automatically – The product’s price changes automatically according to the user’s status, so if he is a regular customer he will see that the product costs X and if he is also a member he will see price Y
  • Per Product Discount – The products’ discounts are set per-product inside the product’s settings, this way you have full control over the price of each and every one of your products
  • Per Membership Level Discount – Not only are the discounts set per-product, but inside each product you can set different discounts to different membership levels
  • Set Any Price You Want (Lower / Higher) – You are not limited to only granting discounts, in the “Discount Amount” field you can choose ANY price you want, even a price that is higher than the regular product’s price, so for example:
    – Product’s regular price – $20
    – Basic level members pay – $25 / 125%
    – Premium level members pay – $15 / 75%
  • Fixed Price vs. Percentage Discount – You can choose to set a fixed-price discount or a percentage of the price according to your needs
  • Supports Multiple Levels Users – You can set the priority of each discount, so if your members are registered to more than one membership level they will get the discount according to the discount’s priority
  • Ability to Setup Global Discounts – You can setup global members discounts, so the discount will reflect on all of your WooCommerce shop’s products. The global discount can be setup per membership level
  • Ability to Prioritize Product Discount over Global Discount – You can exclude any membership level or levels and prioritize specific products discount over global discount
  • Detailed Members’ Discount Table – To keep track of all the members’ discounts we have added a column to the WooCommerce Products table. The column displays the membership discounts per-level

You will fins detailed information about the plugin’s settings, including screenshots, in the Screenshots tab.


Global MemberPress Memberships Discounts:

The global discounts can be found in the MemberPress WooCommerce Plus menu » Under the Membership Discounts tab.

The Global Discounts settings allows you to determine global discounts per MemberPress membership, so if a member is registered to that membership, the discount will be calculated automatically and reflected in the product page.

If the member is registered to multiple memberships, he will always get the highest discount.

So, for example:

If you determine 10% off to the Basic membership and 20% to the Premium membership and the member is registered to both levels, he will get the 20% discount.

Memberpress WooCommerce Plus - Global MemberPress Memberships Discounts

Per Product (Local) MemberPress Memberships Discount:

The per-product discounts can be found inside every WooCommerce product under the Products menu » Add New / Edit » Under the Product Data Meta box » Memberpress Members Discounts:

You simply need to choose the relevant MemberPress memberships and set the discount per membership, which can be fixed price or percentage.

You can also prioritize the product’s  discount over the global discount settings, if you defined global discount.

Per Product (Local) MemberPress Memberships Discount

MemberPress Membership Discounts Summary Table:

You can keep track on all the membership discounts you setup in the WooCommerce Products menu » Under All Products.

In the table we have added a new column called “MemberPress memberships Discounts” and there you can see to which MemberPress memberships you granted discounts, and you can also see if the product’s discounts are prioritized over the global discounts (if setup).

MemberPress Membership Discounts Summary Table:


  • WordPress 5.3 and above
  • MemberPress 1.9.4 and above
  • WooCommerce 4.6.1 and above
  • MemberPress WooCommerce Plus 1.0.4 and above

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