MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Remote Access AddOn

Connect Your WooCommerce Store & MemberMouse Membership Site to Sell External Membership Products (Addon)

Member Mouse WooCommerce Plus - Remote Access AddOn Wishlist Member WooCommerce Manual


The Remote Access add-on connects your WooCommerce store and MemberMouse membership site and it requires the following plugins:

  • MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus
  • External Membership Sites Add-On

The Remote Access Add-On is required only if your WooCommerce store & MemberMouse membership site are  managed on separate domains and WordPress installations

The Remote Access main purpose is to make sure that members who purchase a membership product through your online store will be registered to your MemberMouse membership site properly (both new and existing members).

There are 2 Ways to Get the Remote Access Add-On

1. When you purchase the External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle

The bundle includes the External Membership Sites Add-On & Remote Access Add-On. You get the Remote Access Add-On for FREE (according to the number of licenses you purchase).

2. If you have multiple external membership sites

You must have the Remote Access Add-On installed on every external membership site, whereas, the External Membership Sites Add-on needs to be installed on your WooCommerce store only, so if you need additional licenses for more membership sites, you can purchase them by clicking on the Purchase button to your right

How Many Licenses Will I Need for the Add-On?

For every WooCommerce store you will need 1 license of:

  • MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Plugin
  • External Membership Sites Add-On

For every External membership site you will need 1 license of:

  • Remote Access Add-On

For example:

If you want to sell all your products through one WooCommerce store, and you want to integrate your store’s products to 3 membership sites you will need:

  • MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Plugin & External Membership Sites Add-On » 1 License for Each
  • Remote Access Add-On » 3 Licenses

If you want to sell all your products from 2 different WooCommerce stores, and you want to integrate all products through 2 stores to one membership site you will need:

  • Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Plugin & External Membership Sites Add-On » 2 Licenses for Each
  • Remote Access Add-On » 1 License


After installing and activating the Remote Access Add-On go to Membership Levels Products Tab.

In this tab you will see both MemberMouse plugin information and encoded settings to help you complete the connection between your WooCommerce store and your MemberMouse membership site and make sure all members are registered to the membership site properly.

Screenshots of the Membership Levels Products Tab:

1. General MemberMouse information


2. Encoded membership levels setting – copy the desired code


Inserting the Encoded Settings:

Now paste the code to the “Import Membership Product Settings” and click Publish


After you click Publish” all the information, including: Wishlist Member API, URL and Level ID will be automatically added as seen below:




Here are some of the most common questions about MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus:

Does MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus support cancellations?

MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus is used to sell membership products using MemberMouse, so you can sell membership levels and bundles as WooCommerce products.

All other aspects of payments and subscriptions are managed by the WooCommerce plugin and extensions.

Our product does not interfere with any of these aspects and it is working behind the scenes after a successful payment has been made.

Because WooCommerce is working with hundreds of payment gateways and each payment gateway is programmed by different developers, many of the developers does not completely comply with WooCommerce coding guidelines.

Because of that, cancellations are very difficult to support and can only be done to specific payment gateways that program their extensions correctly.

Because MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus was designed to work with all payment gateways, it is impossible to develop a cancellation feature that will work on all payment gateways.

An example for that is WooCommerce Subscriptions extensions that is only supported by specific payment gateways and, as you can check their website, not all payments are fully supported with all the features.

Does MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus support trial periods?

As written in the previous question regarding cancellations, all payment subscriptions and trial periods are handled by WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and because of that, if the subscription extension supports trial periods you can do it.

What version of WooCommerce plugin I need in order the plugin?

You will need to use WooCommerce version 2.3 and above

Can I use only the bundle, without the plugin MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus?

No, the External Membership Sites & Remote Access Add-Ons are an addition to the main plugin, you must also purchase MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus for the add-ons to work.

If my WooCommerce Store and MemberMouse are installed on the exact same domain, will I need to purchase the “External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle”?

If both WooCommerce and MemberMouse are installed on the exact same WordPress installation, you will not need the “External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle”, only the main plugin – MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus

If my WooCommerce store and MemberMouse membership site are located on different domains / sub-domains or files, will I still need to purchase the “External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle”?

Yes, because you have 2 different WordPress installations you will need to use the add-on. Examples of different domains are:

1. & (different domains)

2. & (different directories)

3. & (different sub-domains)

Can I purchase more licenses of the Remote Access Add-On separately?

Yes, if you need to integrate multiple membership sites and you need more licenses (each membership site requires a license), you can purchase them separately in this link >> Purchase Remote Access Add-On

It sounds complicated to operate the plugin and add-ons to work with an external membership site, where can I find more information on how to integrate it exactly?

Actually, it is very simple and easy to install and activate all 3 and make them work seamlessly.

The process is very quick and requires only 4 simple steps. You can find all the information in our detailed manual in this link

Does the plugin have any conflicts with other plugins?

As far as we know, the plugin does not conflict with any other plugin. MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus keeps a very strict code method so the chances that it’s causing any problem are very low. If you have any problems or conflicts, please contact the support department.

Does the plugin integrate with every membership site platform?

No, MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus is a MemberMouse dedicated plugin.

I have more questions and I haven’t found my answers, how can I contact you?

If you haven’t found your answers in the product’s page and in the manual, please contact our support team and we will get back to you shortly.


When Finishing the Purchasing Process You Get:

1. The Remote Access Add-on (zip file)

3. Complete manual for using MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Plugin & Add-Ons (PDF files)




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