Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes

Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes

Untitled-2“Whether painting on an iPad or a canvas, our Art Study Online students stay focused thanks to Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes. It delivers key functionality and keeps our site interface tidy. We couldn’t teach without it!”

Peter Spence, Founder & Tutor of ArtStudyOnline.com


Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes plugin works seamlessly with Wishlist Member and allows you to create the perfect flow for your pay-per-post membership site.

You can easily manage your paid posts using shortcodes and a sidebar widget, and even display different messages according to each user’s status.

All you need to do is add the plugin’s shortcodes inside posts and pages and you’ll have a pay-per-post membership site up and ready to go.

The Shortcodes

These shortcodes allows you to display certain content to specific users only, including:

  • Making specific content inside the post visible only to visitors who hadn’t bought the post
  • Making specific content inside the post visible only to members who has bought the post
  • Displaying a list of all the posts a certain member has bought
  • Displaying the member his last purchased post

These are the available shortcodes:




[wlppp_is_not_owner] Add content here [/wlppp_is_not_owner]
The content inside the shortcode is visible only to visitors who hadn't purchased the post (before the Read More tag)
To display the post's price, Buy Now button/ link etc.
[wlppp_is_owner] Add content here [/wlppp_is owner]
The content inside the shortcode visible only to members who bought the post
To display an icon in the excerpt what posts the member has access to
Displays a list of all the posts a certain member bought
To display the list inside the Member's Dashboard
Display the member his last purchase
To display inside the Thank You page

The Sidebar Widget

The sidebar widget allows you to display a list of the user’s most recent purchased posts in the sidebar.

This powerful widget will help increase the engagement to your site and generate you more sales.

The sidebar widget includes the following options:

  • Title – The title of the widget
  • Purchases to Display – You can choose to display between 1 to 10 posts that will be organized according to purchase date
  • Display only to logged-in users – Check the box to display the widget only to logged-in users
  • Messages Settings – You can use HTML and shortcodes inside the messages
    • Text to display before posts list
    • Text to display after posts list
    • Message to display if no purchases exist
    • Message to display if a user is not logged in

Here is a screenshot of the sidebar widget:

The Sidebar Widget

The Messages

Using the plugin you can also display different messages that will change dynamically according to the user’s status:

  1. Users who are not logged-in to the website
  2. Users who are logged-in, but haven’t purchased any pay-per-post yet

The correct message will be automatically displayed by the shortcodes.

In the Settings tab you can easily customize the messages to your needs as you can see in the below screenshot:

The Messages



When finishing the purchasing process you get:

1. Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes plugin (zip file)

2. Manual (PDF file) 


Does the plugin work with free pay-per-post registrations?

Yes, it works with both free and paid pay-per-post

Can I integrate the plugin with every membership site software? 

No, Wishlist Pay Per Post is a Wishlist Member dedicated plugin. 

Why the plugin is necessary for creating a pay-per-post site?

When we first started using Wishlist’s feature, we discovered that it is missing some very important settings, which led us to develop a new plugin in order to use it as we want.

Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes does 4 crucial actions that Wishlist Member doesn’t allow:

  1. Make specific content in the excerpt visible only to user who hadn’t bought the post (To display the post’s price, Buy Now button, certain content etc.)
  2. Make specific content in the excerpt visible only to users who bought the post (To display an icon that indicates what posts the user has access to etc.)
  3. Display the user a list of all the posts he bought (To allow quick access to all posts from the Members Dashboard)
  4. Display the user his last purchased posts (To allow quick access to the post from the Thank You page)




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