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Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration

Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration

Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration

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Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration will allow you to automatically register members to your membership site.

Right after members complete the payment inside the shopping cart, they will be redirected back to the membership site registered and logged in and all the important login details will appear in the after registration page.

How will Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration Works with Paid Memberships Pro plugin?

Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration will not change anything in the integration between Paid Memberships Pro and the shopping cart and it will not require any adjustments to the regular Paid Memberships Pro integration settings.

Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration will be transparent and when you activate it you really won’t need to do anything in order for it to work properly.

The purpose of Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration is to automate the registration process when the user returns from the payment gateway.

This is how the registration process will work:

Step #1: The user is redirected to the shopping cart

Step #2: Fills-in the payment form and complete the payment

Step #3: Redirected back to the membership site

Step 4: This is where Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration takes control:

The plugin registers the member to the site > logs him in to the membership site > redirects him to the Thank You page and displays the login details using the plugin’s shortcodes > sends him email with the login details.

In step 4 Without Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration the member will need to fill-in the regular Paid Memberships Pro registration form in order to complete the registration to the site.


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When finishing the purchasing process you will get:

1. Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration plugin zip file according to the license you purchase

2. Complete manual for Paid Memberships Pro Auto Registration (pdf)

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