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Membership Firewall Pro

Membership Firewall
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Membership Firewall

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Membership Firewall Pro will help you protect your membership site and identify “strange” user behavior.

The plugin was develop are years of managing membership sites while trying to keep the website flow as simple as possible.

Membership Firewall is supported by all major membership software including

Wishlist Member, MemberMouse,S2Member, Membership Pro and more

Using this plugin will give you the flexibility if you want:

  • Protect your membership from bots and unauthorized login attempts.
  • Identify user behavior
  • Track users login IP and block unwanted users

Check out MembershipFirewall exclusive features in the features’ tab.

Exclusive Features

Membership Firewall includes these features:

  • Protect you log in URL access using a secret question and answer
  • Track user log in IPs
  • Send admin notifications emails on strange user behavior
  • Block user that log in multiple IPs in one day (the number of IPs allowed be change)
  • Enable front profile edit and block non admin user from seeing WordPress back end
  • Block XML-RPC to disable remote access to the Website

More features are added as we develop the plugin if you to see a feature that is not listed here contact us using the contact form.

All current customers will get updates for free as long their license is valid, price may go up when an advanced and new version is released.




Why user tracking is so important?

It’s a well known fact that in many times your website membership details are being shared by someone on a forum. Or even a “BlackHat” forum buy your access to your member as a group buy in intention to share login details with the group.

If you don’t track the login location of each member you will never know that the login details of a member has been shared and your membership site information is open to the many people who haven’t paid for access.

Why do you need to buy a protection plugin when there are free plugins solutions? 

Free is not always that good when it come to security. In many case free security plugin are being scanned by hacker to find an entry point to your website.

A commercial plugin is protected and his code is shared, there for it make him a lot safer and protected.




Membership Firewall includes these files:

1. Membership Firewall plugin files according to the license you purchased

2. The complete manual for Membership firewall wall manual


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