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Delete Multiple Themes

Delete Multiple Themes


Delete Multiple Themes is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily delete multiple themes in a matter of a second without having to do it from your FTP program (which may take a lot of time depending on the FTP software you are using).

Delete Multiple Themes plugin enables you to delete as many themes as you want in a matter of seconds and save you valuable time in managing your site.

All you need to do is choose the themes you want to delete, click on the Delete Themes button and that’s it.


1. Delete Multiple Themes plugin files


How do I use the plugin?

The plugin is very easy to use: After you install and activate it, you go to “Appearance” > “Delete Multiple Themes”, check the boxes of the themes you want to delete and click on the Delete Themes button. The chosen themes will be deleted in a few seconds.

Can I also delete child themes?

If you have any child themes, you will be able to delete those as well.

Why is it important to delete themes I’m not using?

Unnecessary themes may cause security holes, so it’s best to delete any theme you are not using.

Does the plugin have any conflicts with other plugins?

As far as we know, the plugin does not conflict with any other plugins. Delete Multiple Themes plugin uses a simple shortcode and very basic coding, so the chances that it’s causing any problems are very low.

If you are still experiencing any problem or conflict, try to disable the plugin and see if the problem still exists. If the problem still exists, please report to us through our support helpdesk.


Release date:October 22, 2013
Last updated:January 20, 2014
Current version:1.0.5
Product type:WordPress Plugin
File format:.zip
Requirements:3.0.1 or higher


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